Currently finishing up my undergrad at the University of Toronto with a major in Philosophy and double minor in English and Political Science. Have lots of questions. Am very curious, cynical and skeptical.

Contact me @tinad0t on twitter


4 Responses to About

  1. Hamidian says:

    salaam Yassiye aziz ,

    kheily khosh halam keh to weblog dari . kheili ham khoobe.
    emrooz baba be man khabar dad .

    gamaan mikardam emsaal to ra dar Tehran bebinam , amma mesl inkeh baayad hanooz sabr konam .

    akshaye to ra az Torento didam.yek akkass irani on ja hast keh photoblog darad on ra bebin:


    hamisheh be blog to sar khaham zad.

    ghorbanat . Hamidian

  2. Fariba Safaei says:

    was excellent Tina joon.,you’ll be a successful JOURNALIST
    Good luck

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