Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed: The Case of MSF

Originally post on the JHR U of T Blog

Last night I checked out a discussion on the new book “Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed: The Case of MSF”. Not knowing anything about the contents of the book, I wandered into this session armed with only my curiosity and some background knowledge of MSF’s amazing work. I walked out of that room with much respect for MSF and those who work for the organization. I am impressed by MSF not only because what they do is incredibly logistically, morally, emotionally and physically demanding – but also by of the willingness of the organization to frankly examine and analyze events and adopt a fact-based outlook that rejects a mythical “humanitarianism’s golden age”. They are also committed to what they do – which is provide medical assistance to those in emergency and crisis situations in over 60 countries around the world. Continue reading

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Hot Docs 2011 Review

 Originally posted on Women’s Post HERE (part 1) And HERE (part 2) in May 2011.

Overall, I had a positive experience at Hot Docs and thought the screening locations were well chosen. The energy from the volunteers and everyone else was amazing, and I cannot wait for next year’s Hot Docs Festival! Continue reading

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How to Cold Call Successfully

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Thoughts on School and Technology

Blog I wrote for Nspire’s JOT blog:

Some shared experiences we can all relate to: the oppressive summer heat transforming into chilly mornings, going back to school and if you’re a U of T student – the dreaded, slightly demonic ROSI. Continue reading

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to be human is to invent being human

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Gendered and Genderless

(I originally wrote this for Women’s Post, but I expand a bit more on my points in this version. Read original HERE)

So what you’re saying is the gender status quo is doing great right now? Continue reading

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What gives your life meaning?

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